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Our Promise to You

Improving Lives with the Freedom of Accessibility

Today, many people are finding reasons to add specialty upgrades such as residential elevators, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and dumbwaiters to their homes, whether through necessity or desire. Residential elevators, stair lifts, and wheelchair lifts enable people who are physically challenged to experience renewed freedom in their homes. Possessing a new means of reaching a location gives encouragement, optimism and hope to someone whose home is not otherwise handicapped accessible. In turn, a person's life is enriched, allowing them to have an improved quality of living.

While wheelchair ramps can be effective, cheap and easy to install, they are also cumbersome, dangerous in inclement weather and sometimes impossible for a handicapped person to navigate on their own. A wheelchair lift is a surprisingly affordable alternative that offers numerous safety features over traditional ramps. Lifts provide quick transportation in tight outdoor spaces where a long ramp would not be possible, and can travel vertically between floors within the home within a small footprint. Typically, users hold a button down to control the movement of the unit, which as a safety feature, gives the passenger total control of the movement of the lift. Wheelchair lifts are time efficient since as a rider who does not easily transfer can be swiftly delivered to his location without having to get out of the wheelchair.

Stairlifts make wonderful additions to homes with multiple floors that are not otherwise easily accessible by an ambulatory physically challenged individual. Oftentimes people who have difficulty climbing stairs lose the mobility to access certain parts of their homes such as a basement or second floor. A stair lift offers users the freedom to access all portions of their homes with a simple and unobtrusive design. These generally have a very smooth and quiet ride and are easy to operate.

Residential elevators are the ultimate in accessibility for those with a disability, but are often installed simply as a convenience and an amenity in the home. They are very handy and add value to a home thanks to their efficiency. New homes can be constructed with the elevator in mind or a pre-existing home can be modified to allow the installation. Either way, those with physical disabilities will experience a new and luxurious form of travel in their home.

Wheelchair ramps, stair lifts and residential elevators can be liberating additions to the homes of those who use a wheelchair or are otherwise physically challenged. People who are given the ability to move freely around their home experience improved self-esteem and a better quality of life.






























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