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LIMITED USE / LIMITED APPLICATION (LU/LA) ELEVATORS: The new solution to providing accessibility in commercial buildings, this is a heavy-duty, fully enclosed small passenger elevator is permitted to travel up to 25’. Designed for use in low-rise buildings comprising two to four floors, this elevator is rated for loads of up to 1400 lbs. and features unique automatic sliding doors. It's got all the features of a high-rise elevator but is suited for smaller budgets. Ideal for buildings such as schools, town halls, office buildings, and churches, that need more than a wheelchair lift, but don’t warrant a full-size passenger elevator. Requires only a 14” pit, reduced overhead in existing buildings, reduced hoist way size, and can operate on single phase power. These elevators do not require firefighter’s service either (except in Maine). LU/LA elevators can be easily fitted into new or existing buildings.

We represent many manufacturers. Unlike companies that represent only a single supplier, we are able to provide products in all price ranges to meet your budget, and provide the features that best suit your needs.

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