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Maintenance & Repair Services

When purchasing an elevator or lift, selecting a company to install your equipment is just as important as the choice of product. Accessibility Systems, Inc. believes that service after the sale is a key to customer satisfaction. We can provide preventive maintenance as well as repairs on an as-needed basis. We understand that it can be an inconvenience when a conveyance that you rely upon is not functioning, and we strive to perform quality service in a timely manner.

Our technicians are State-licensed to perform work in commercial and public buildings in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Licensing is not required to install or repair elevators and lifts in private residences in these states, nor is licensing required for public or residential work in New York State. But you can be confident that even if you are a residential customer, or any client in New York State, that because our technicians are state-licensed you are assured a high level of expertise. Licensing requires experience, passing an exam, and continuing education. Our technicians also receive factory training. In addition, company President, Bob Weber, is a QEI elevator inspector with 30 years of field experience in installation and service.


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